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Tech/Gadget News #2

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Hi Guys,
Welcome to yet another post in this series of Tech/Gadget News where I update you with tech happenings around you. So let's start,

a) Amazon Freedom Sale is Starting from 9th Aug:

Once again Amazon comes with Yet another sale, "Amazon Freedom Sale". This sale will be from 9th August to 12th of August. Its theme is Independence Day. You can directly go to sale page of each product from here.
The most popular product brands in the sale will be :

b) World's First Thermal Battery plant to start in Andhra Pradesh today:

  The world's first-since forever office to make thermal batteries will be introduced tomorrow in Andhra Pradesh, as revealed by ANI. The state's Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu will be available at the disclosing of the plant, that will see thermal batteries being fabricated by Bharat Energy Storage Technology Private Limited (BEST). These batteries depend on elective wellsprings of vitality generation, and their essence is required to lessen the reliance on petroleum products(fossil fuels).
Through thermal batteries, BEST(organization) will hope to store energy that can control broadcast communications, business endeavors, electric vehicles and in addition charging frameworks. Will it help make a sustainable power source, as well as anticipated that would help give vitality to remote regions?

According to the plans known, BEST expects to financially open up the plant by May 2019, where it could give an underlying limit of 1000MW. In its first stage, it will deliver batteries for telecom, smaller than expected/microgrids, and electric transports, that are required to keep running for up to 800kms on a solitary charge.

c) Corning's Gorilla Glass 6 first to Feature on Oppo Phones:

Worldwide tech organization on Monday declared that Oppo will be the primary cell phone producer to receive its most recent cover glass innovation Corning Gorilla Glass 6.
Oppo's new leader cell phone using Gorilla Glass 6 is slated to discharge in the coming weeks, the organization said in an announcement. For the time being, it is indeterminate which of the forthcoming cell phones from Oppo - the F9, F9 Pro, or R17 - will brandish the new glass from Corning. In lab tests, Gorilla Glass 6 survived 15 drops from one meter onto unpleasant/rough surfaces while; focused glass organizations, for example, pop lime and aluminosilicate; it could not survive the first drop.
John Bayne, Vice President and General Manager, Corning Gorilla Glass, said in a statement that," We are excited to have Oppo adopt Gorilla Glass 6".

d) Emotional Manipulation by Robots:

Analysts from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany have discovered that people are helpless to enthusiastic control by robots. The discoveries showed that people have such a solid propensity to anthropomorphize - attribution of human qualities, feelings, or expectations to non-human substances like robots - that we can fall prey to enthusiastic control by such elements. 
In 2007, a group of analysts completed an examination called "Asking PC does not have any desire to kick the bucket" in which volunteers were requested to turn off a robot feline, however, didn't know what to do when the feline implored them to not turn them off, Tech Xplore wrote about Friday. 
In this new exertion, the specialists repeated this test utilizing more volunteers and an alternate robot, the report said. 
For the investigation, distributed in the diary PLOS ONE, the examination group included 89 volunteers who were requested to collaborate with a robot under the pretense of helping it turn out to be cannier. 
At the determination of the collaboration, a scientist would request that the volunteer kill the robot just to have the robot implore them not to do as such. Notwithstanding voice asks for, the robot additionally showed in essence activities intended to support their demand.


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