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Tech/Gadget News #1

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Hi Guys,
In this series of Tech/Gadget News am gonna talk about the top tech-related news of the day or of the week. The news will be mainly an important one that could be asked in interviews. I hope you will like this series and will be updated to all upcoming tech/gadget news.

a) Google Glass helps kid with Autism(Impaired Communication) disorder:

First, let us understand what is Autism. It is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.
So now Google has developed Lens(Google Glass) which can make the life of these kids easy. This is the Superpower Glass System software that runs on Google Glass and smartphone, to help kids facing autism disorder. The prototype of the software was used to increase social skills, facial affect recognition, as well as eye contact for kids facing this disorder. The age group for which it was tested is 3-17 years of age. This superpower glass system takes advantage of machine learning.
While testing 14 children were tested and the result found was that there was increase in social skills, eye contact and ability to decode or identify facial expression. This device identifies or recognize natural expression as they interact with people. It also tells people about his expression using emoticons on Glass' display or Audio.

b) Whatsapp Android Update('iOS exclusive' Feature):


Whatsapp has rolled out many new features in its new update. The company is working on yet another interesting feature in an upcoming update.
Its now working on introducing picture-in-picture mode for watching video in WhatsApp. The update submitted comes with version no. 2.18.234. They have also added feature which allows you to see a play icon button in video in picture-in-picture mode.
The main feature added in the current version are:
  • If you forward a message from one's chat to other you can see 'Forwarded' written on top of the message as you can see in pic below.
  • Now Whatsapp allows you to have multiple video call at a time(Video conference).

c) Now AI(Artificial Intelligence) can detect an object at speed of light:

  Utilizing a 3D printer, specialists from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have built up an Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based gadget that can break down huge volumes of information and recognize questions quick - at the "genuine speed of light". 
To build up the gadget, the analysts made a physical fake neural system displayed on how the human cerebrum functions. The analysts trust that new innovations in view of the gadget could be utilized to accelerate information serious undertakings that include arranging and recognizing objects.
Its "optical system" recognizes a protest on the grounds that the light originating from the question is, for the most part, diffracted toward a solitary pixel that is relegated to that kind of protest. 
The specialists at that point prepared the system utilizing a PC to recognize the items before it by taking in the example of diffracted light each protest delivers as the light from that question goes through the gadget. 
The "preparation" utilized a branch of AI called profound learning, in which machines "learn" through repetition.

This was the first post in this series. I will be writing more post like this which gonna update you with current technology. I hope you like this post. Do give your suggestions and feedback below!
Have a Nice Day!!!! 😊


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